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Help For Spinal Cord Injury Victims

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can result in either temporary or permanent damage to spinal cord and/or areas of the body it serves. 

Often, SCI is caused by a sports injury, vehicular accident, fall, or a disease. The severity of the SCI can vary from what is called an incomplete injury (minor to no effect) to a complete injury (comprehensive incompetence or loss of function).

As with any disabling injury, a spinal cord injury can have a lifelong impact on an individual and their family, who may now bear the brunt of the physical care and financial support of the injured. The costs of caring for an adult with traumatic injury and loss of capacity can be overwhelming when the injured can no longer work, receive an income, or contribute to the care and management of the household. The family burden can be devastating. Pursuing a lawsuit when there is negligence involved in the cause of the injury can be the sustaining force that keeps a family afloat.

Lawsuits such as these are based on identifying and proving negligence of the party who caused the injury, whether it is another person, an employer, or the manufacturer of a defective product or machine. In these cases of negligence, it is the duty of your attorney to prove legal responsibility in order to gain compensation for the accident.

The Gill Law Firm is a well-respected Phoenix personal injury firm that dedicates its practice to the representation of the seriously injured and their families due to an accident, negligence or abuse. If the above information relates to your personal experience, and you think it would be beneficial to discuss your situation with an attorney, please call us. We offer a complimentary review of your case with no strings attached.

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