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Amputations / Loss Of Limb

When an amputation is caused by accident or injury it is known as a traumatic amputation. In some accidents injuries are so severe that a medical amputation results from the non-recoverable injury. These injuries can be the result of vehicular, workplace, sports or other situational accidents.

The loss of a digit or limb is considered a catastrophic injury that implies a lifelong disfigurement or disability.

A traumatic amputation can be a distressing injury that requires an extended period of emotional and physical healing with a lifetime of adjustments. Financial, employment and self-care routines are re-routed to compensate for an amputation.

The Life-Changing Effects Of An Amputation

An amputee and their family are faced with managing huge medical bills, insurance claims, physical rehabilitation, prostheses, lost work and worker retraining. Not to mention retrofitting homes for wheelchair ramps and other accommodations.

The transition can be a difficult time for any family, even more so when the traumatic amputation was caused by negligence and chances are it may have been preventable.

Lawsuits can be against a negligent party that caused the event, medical malpractice that caused an injury to go untreated properly and led to an amputation, or against insurance denials which may have prevented proper injury care that could have avoided an amputation or the disallowance of prosthesis for recovery and rehabilitation, to name a few.

Regardless of whom the case is against, hiring a team of attorneys that have the experience, knowledge and expertise in amputee cases is critical to your success.

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