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Hospital Errors

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2013 there were more than 2 million illnesses and 23 thousand deaths caused by antibiotic-resistant infections. These infections can be transmitted anywhere, however most deaths resulting from the infections are directly related to care provided in healthcare settings.

Hospitals, like any large corporate entity, must be well managed. If a corporate entity like a hospital is not well managed, serious injury and death may occur.

Types Of Hospital Negligence

There are primarily two types of hospital negligence claims:

  1. Systemic/chronic negligence: A hospital fails to meet industry standards and causes harm to its patients.
  2. Vicarious negligence: A hospital employee acts negligently, and the hospital is held liable as the employer.

Facts can often be developed supporting both theories when the claim is investigated and litigated effectively.

Just like going up against a big corporation, when filing a lawsuit against a hospital you’d better have an attorney with gusto to take on the panel of corporate lawyers that bank the courtroom. Someone who isn’t intimidated and can’t be bullied, an attorney that will fight your case regardless of the size of the competition, that is your best defense.

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