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What are some dangerous signs of road rage in other drivers?

It can be hard enough to drive safely when dealing with distractions and bad weather, but adding in a person with road rage driving closely behind you can feel overwhelming. Noticing the warning signs of intense anger is one way to determine how to handle this problem.

Knowing more of these signs to pay attention to while on the road is the first step in this process.

Abrupt switching between lanes

According to Psychology Today, a hostile driver may move and switch rapidly between lanes while following another vehicle. This person will likely not wait for others who are changing lanes and may even speed up in order to jump ahead of them.

This kind of sudden and unpredictable movement can lead to a crash, especially if the person does not use their signals.

Increased speeding and reckless driving

A driver who feels the need to closely follow an individual on the road may break the speed limit multiple times to catch them. By taking corners too quickly and ignoring pedestrians, they put the lives of others in danger.

Speeding can also lead to a lack of caution when coming to a stop since there is less time between noticing an obstacle and stopping when moving faster on the road.

Noisy distractions

Drivers with road rage may honk their horns and make gestures out of their car windows in order to get the attention of other drivers. Some may even yell swear words or attempt to brake while in front of others to irritate them.

Road rage may lead to serious motor vehicle accidents and physical injuries, so knowing the signs is important.