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Are medical errors responsible for your child’s birth injury?

While modern medicine has made pregnancy and childbirth safer than ever before, birth injuries and malpractice incidents still happen. If your newborn suffered a birth injury, you should consider whether a medical mistake contributed to that injury.

A few common medical mistakes can lead to birth injuries and malpractice claims.

Insufficient prenatal evaluations

When the medical team overlooks critical health concerns, including preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, the lasting effects for the baby can be challenging. Failure to diagnose preeclampsia, for instance, could lead to poor growth rates and low birth weight.

Insufficient labor monitoring

During labor, the medical team should monitor both your vital signs and your baby’s. Heart rate and blood pressure are critical elements. Labor and delivery can be hard on both of you and many potential complications become apparent through those vital signs, including oxygen deprivation and distress. Brain injuries and long-term cognitive issues may result without prompt monitoring and attention.

Delayed emergency intervention

Some deliveries require emergency intervention for a caesarian section. Whether the baby is breech and cannot turn or concerns arise about the umbilical cord, timely intervention is critical for the baby’s well-being. You may have a claim if your baby suffered a birth injury due to delayed intervention.

Understand your rights after you give birth, especially if your newborn has a birth injury. While some birth injuries are unavoidable and without blame, medical mistakes cause birth injuries as well. Recognizing those mistakes is the first step toward fighting for the restitution your baby deserves.