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What runners should know about pedestrian accidents

Running is a great way to spend time outdoors, stay active and travel without a car. However, pedestrians can experience severe harm and injury when accidents occur.

You should understand the causes of pedestrian accidents if you are an avid runner. Furthermore, it is a good idea to have a plan for how to react after an accident happens.

Common hazards for pedestrians

As a runner, you should practice pedestrian safety. It is important to avoid running in the street and take care when using crosswalks. When crossing the road, wait until traffic clears and do not presume that drivers will stop for you. Distracted or intoxicated drivers often cause accidents that hurt pedestrians. You should also be wary of running in low-light conditions, especially if you are wearing dark clothing.

Insurance and settlements

After an accident, exchanging information and seeking medical care are crucial. In addition, ensure you document any injuries associated with the accident. In many cases, your health insurance and the driver’s auto insurance should cover any expenses you incur. You should also consider contacting law enforcement to create a report of the accident. This can help you determine fault and can assist your legal case.

If the driver’s negligence caused you significant harm, you could pursue a personal injury case as well. You can file a lawsuit to help pay medical bills, cover lost wages and compensate for the pain and trauma of being in an accident. Courts award damages to help pedestrians involved in accidents who experience severe injuries and medical issues.

Pedestrian accidents can pose a major danger for runners. You should practice caution when running outdoors and know your legal rights if a driver injures you.