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What are some situations that lead to slip and fall accidents?

When you slip and fall flat on your back or hit any other place of your body, you may feel overwhelmed by how much pain you are in.

A serious fall can lead to plenty of long-lasting issues like head trauma and spinal cord injuries. Understanding the circumstances that can cause these accidents is important if you get hurt.

Slippery and uneven places

According to the National Safety Council, broken bottles and glasses are a common tripping hazard if employees fail to clean them up or put a sign warning for people walking by.

Various large cracks and uneven floor tiles on a surface that no one repaired can also cause someone to trip. Floors that are recently cleaned but not completely dry can also pose a threat.

Neglected walkways

If a staircase does not have proper handrailing or cannot safely hold the weight of someone, then it may lead to a fall. Stairs that are crumbling apart or are already partway broken can give way when anyone tries to use them, leading to a person falling on their head or spine.

Sidewalks that are partially broken or ripped apart are another safety hazard for anyone walking into or out of a building.

Little to no lighting

Trying to navigate a store or other place in dim lighting can make it easy to trip on an item left out on the floor and fall. Certain areas of a building may not be properly lit on the inside and outside.

When dealing with the pain and stress of injuries after a slip and fall accident, it is important to know what common situations can happen that lead to this problem.