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Reasons teens are more prone to causing catastrophic auto accidents

Serious auto accidents can cause permanent physical injury. It does not matter if someone else bears responsibility for the wreck. The effects of one will likely impair your ability to get the most out of life.

Teenagers are more inclined toward getting into accidents. Certain factors make them particularly dangerous behind the wheel.


Adolescents do not have the same driving background as adults. Their lack of history operating vehicles means greater odds they will make a mistake. It only takes a split second of poor judgment for disaster to unfold.


Because they are still developing, teens need more sleep than adults. Nonetheless, many youths are under pressure to perform academically. Sometimes, there is the expectation that they also hold down a job. Despite these burdens, some cannot resist the prospect of having a good time. Burning the midnight oil may lead to tragedy.


Newer generations are growing up with portable electronics at the ready. The constant temptation to chat and text is more than many can resist. When the desire to socialize overtakes commonsense, attention on the road becomes diluted.


Teens crave acceptance. It is typical for otherwise rule-abiding minors to succumb to the demands of their peers. They know they should not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Still, they choose to roll the dice rather than ask their parents for a ride out of embarrassment.

Juveniles who drive often endanger other motorists. Maintaining several car lengths from them is a savvy decision.