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Advocates For The Rights Of Injured Pedestrians

Pedestrians have just as much right to the road as drivers do. Unfortunately, many drivers do not seem to feel the same way. If a negligent driver left you injured, reach out to a legal team that can represent you.

At The Gill Law Firm, we protect the rights of Arizona pedestrians and cyclists who suffer injuries due to motor vehicle accidents.

With years of experience handling complex cases, we know a range of legal strategies to implement when taking on insurance companies. With numerous settlements and awards, including those in the multimillion-dollar range, you can feel confident that we will recover maximum compensation for you.

Bringing Back The Benefit Of The Doubt

Drivers are at fault for about 50% of all car crashes involving pedestrians.

Unfortunately, many motorists, insurance providers, medical professionals and even judges and jurors do not give pedestrians the benefit of the doubt. They sometimes assume that the driver had the right of way, even if the evidence present proves the contrary. We strive to give you back the benefit of the doubt.

Our Personal Connection To Pedestrians

Jeffrey R. Gill, our founding attorney, is a passionate athlete who has run and cycled on Arizona roads daily for over 15 years. While training, he has experienced firsthand how dangerous the roads can be for runners, cyclists and others on foot. His experiences give us a strong personal motivation to protect our clients and make the roadways safer.

Ask About Our Advocacy – Get A Free Consultation

Do not let another day go by without standing up for your rights. Reach out to The Gill Law Firm and we can help you. We provide free, no-risk, no-obligation consultations. To schedule yours, call our Buckeye office at 480-739-6137​ or send us an email.